Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Fire Touch


Here is a Poetess, who can either burn your heart of emotions or kill your mind of thoughts by the fire of love. Love is like a wild fire which can engulf you with fume and fury, where there is no escape; either you live out of love or die with love. Yet the brightness of those flames are very romantic and sweet.

Honey has the strength of sweetness and power of brightness to console any heart burned by the fire of love. Her poems are like early morning honey dews from the bosom of a flower, intoxicating even a haunting bee. She is simple, sweet and superb.

Honey may be a Poetess lost in love but very collective in her thoughts. For her, love is being here now, living moment to moment; and searching nowhere.

Love is the subtlest and the most fundamental of human emotions, which has been the leitmotif of poetry from time immemorial. Even though poets have glorified love in its myriad aspects, yet the emotion retains its virgin freshness. Honey explores the realm of Love in all its magnitude and paints her lyrical canvas with colors of love afresh.

She brings out universal love – love for her motherland, love of nature and love of God; in a modern style of writing, where you can meet apostles of love – Buddha, Christ and Gandhi!

She touches all realms of life, transience of life from the baseness of human material desires to the holiness of spiritual bliss. From seedlings to blossoming trees, from worms to innocent animals and from womb to tomb, she has sung wholeheartedly to His glory. This collection of poems truly reveals her profound multifaceted understanding of life, which is pertinent in the present context when the human civilization is entrapped in the turmoil of fundamentalism and terrorism, leading to religio–political vengeance and blood bath. Only a person of fine poetic sensitivity with humanism can write so touchingly.

“ A fire touch . . . . . . “, a collection of poems by Mrs. Honey Bhaskaran, is a heart throb which can melt thy thoughts into tears and flow unto thy heart as compassion . . . . . . . . . either you will fall in love with the poetess or with her poems.

“ Never did I know what life is ?
Until I knew what love is . . . ! “

Love is the only flame which can enlighten us and let us be a light unto ourselves!

With om and prem,

C.V. Ravindranath.
dt. 2nd Feb. 2011

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