Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The limpid smile

The limpid smile of a rose
Dancing plants in my garden
Murmuring leaves of bloomed trees
The silent song of the bamboo groves
The singing bees
Around the buds of May flower
Oh; my serene nature.............
You are the bride of my kingdom

Still it would be more elegant
The colorless dreams can
Throw out the darkened shadows
The soul should not weep
I held you in my heart
I loved you as my life
No matter whether or not you liked me
It’s my desire to love you........

But I am sure,
One day you will come to me
With a bunch of red flowers
We shall walk alone in the night
We shall relate the stages of our love

Tonight I can sleep in the open air
You come and sit amidst
The sprigs of my heart
Neither have I lost you
         Nor have you forgotten me after all

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