Thursday, 7 March 2013

"Muggy sky
Roaring wind from west
Readying for blitz"

Daffodils dancing in the dale
Crescent moon smiles..."

"the cloudy sky
periwig of 

"In between us
Read a flute"

Oh, monsoon
Cuddle me tight
Let me dissolve in your dampness"

"The solo of sky lark
Curbing the silence of

"A beagle wind
Hiding face in

"Blithering zephyr
Trickling raindrops
Embraces, the viscid night"

An orphan kid and street dog
Sharing ort"

Desert wind
Swirls dry sand
A Pyramid, abruptly in the west"

"A knot in my eyes
Tied up with our looks
Love sprouts."

"Serenity of night
Mask of
Unborn dream"

"Heavy rain
Flowered Gulmohar quivering
Birds sit huddled"

"Dim light
A pretty brown butterfly
Kisses plastic flowers in the vase"

"Mossy slant rocks
Sun blaze like a golden crown
Bride nature"

"Shed petals of rose
Dancing with
Flirting wind"

Belly dance
In the pub
Enticed look flashes"

"Betel leaves
Shed pearls
Instilled rain drops"

"Night, glinted eyes near shrubbery.
Shudders for a while
A sagacious black cat"

"On the brick wall
A Silver painting glistens
Peeled skin of snake"

"Dangling clouds
Morosely looks at earth 
Sun subsides, beyond my glance"

"Yelping dog
Silence of night 

"Alone in the night
Your memories 
Peck in my wounds"

I found myself 
In your depth"

"Raining heavily
Lightning and thunder
Strikes the nature"

"Moonless night
Delirious wind
I sit disheartened"

"An unalienable dream
Freezing my thoughts and,
Perching on my soul"

"Drizzling outside
Alone in the room, listening to melodies
A cool gentle breeze caresses entire being. 

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